Nagstamon 3.0 finally out

During the last year a lot of contributions to Nagstamon contained many improvements and new features – so many, that a new major version number is justified. The changes include:

  • added Kerberos authentification
  • added increased security by taking TLS seriously
  • added window mode
  • added large OK label for fullscreen and window mode
  • added click-somewhere-to-close-statuswindow mode
  • added custom views to Check_MK
  • added monitor type Monitos3
  • added monitor type SNAG-View 3
  • added monitor type Sensu
  • switched to pyinstaller

Also several fixes were necessary:

  • fixes statuswindow garbage when changing mode
  • fixed filename bug
  • fixed check for .Xauthority file
  • fixes for Centreon
  • fixes for Check_MK 1.4.0
  • fixes for Zabbix

The new TLS awareness surely will cause some trouble for users with self-signed certificates or those whose CA is not contained in the certificate store coming with Nagstamon. Please see for details.

Thanks to all of you for contributing code, patience for testing and packages.

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