Nagstamon is permanently visible on your desktop to give you an overview about your network status as a freely floating desktop statusbar, easy to place wherever by drag and drop. Alternatively it may stay in the systray, run fullscreen or as single window:


The statusbar automagically updates and shows a quick summary and a more descriptive status overview when being touched. The status is indicated by customizable colors for down/unreachable hosts and warning/critical/unknown services. Additionally it displays hosts’/services’ status with icons if there are any special flags like acknowledged, downtime, flapping and passive:


The context menu provides fast access to the monitor page of failing hosts/services and to any remote service like SSH/RDP/VNC running on a host by clicking it at the status popup window. Additional custom actions can be defined easily for calling local/remote commands, opening certain web pages or start an action via URL:


The settings allow filtering hosts and services by category and with regular expressions:


The user gets notified by sounds, flashing statusbar or any custom application. Linux desktop users also can be notified by desktop notification:


Supported monitor server types are Nagios, Icinga, IcingaWeb2, Opsview, Centreon, Op5Monitor, Check_MK Multisite, Thruk and experimental Livestatus, Zabbix, Zenoss, Sensu, Monitos3 and SNAG-View3. Some monitors have extra options:


The status window has links to the monitor web page and the respective hosts, services and history pages. Easy access to all monitor web pages, even those without problems, is provided by menu:


Fonts and font size can be customized as well: