If you do not use a binary release of Nagstamon, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:


All of these are included in any Linux distribution – no PIP required.

For creation of binary packages one might need to install the typical packaging utilities of the choosen distribution to use the included script.


If you want to run Nagstamon from sources on Windows, you have to run this PIP command after installing Python. Note that even if there is a newer version right now only keyring 10.5.1 works as expected in Windows:

C:\python37\scripts\pip install PyQt5 requests requests-kerberos beautifulsoup4 keyring==10.5.1 lxml psutil pypiwin32

If you want to create binary packages with the distributed script, you also need

PyInstaller lastest development version which is known to work with Python 3.7 is needed so this one has to be pulled by pip:

C:\python37\scripts\pip install pyinstaller


Best experiences are being made with Python 3 from Homebrew at After installing both packages the other dependencies might be retrieved via PIP:

# brew install python3
# pip3 install pyqt5 beautifulsoup4 keyring==10.5.1 lxml psutil requests requests-kerberos setuptools

For binary packages made by the included script you will need PyInstaller too.

# pip3 install pyinstaller