Regular Expressions

Nagstamon allows the use of regular expressions for filtering hosts and services for status popup and actions. Detailed information can be found at

Regexp filter settings can be found in filters tab and in actions:


1. Example: Host filter

If the default list of hosts looks like this…


…and you for whatever reason have to filter out a certain group of hosts, for example all hosts with centos in its name, you add this filter…


…and the list of host gets shorter…


2. Example: Reverse host filter

If you need to see only the hosts of a certain type, for example only hosts with “www” in its name, just add the “reverse” option…


and monitor only the hosts you are interested in:


3. Example: Multiple Service filters

Surprisingly filters for services work in a similar way. To raise the level of complexity a little bit in this example there should be only shown Sendmail or DNS services. Multiple items get concatenated with “|”, so the filter looks like this:


The resulting list is shorter:


4. Example: More regular expressionism

The above examples are pretty simple. If you need more sophisticated filters here are some more rules:

  • ^ marks the beginning of an expression
  • $ marks the end
  • . is any character
  • .* is any number of any character
  • | adds several expressions with logical OR

For further information please see