2020-01-26: Version 3.4.1

  • Centreon fix for acknowledgement when using autologin key
  • IcingaWeb2 fix support older setups
  • fix popup in systray mode on Windows
  • improved mode switching
  • better support for high resolution displays
  • build support for Python 3.8
  • improved Windows installer

2019-12-25: Version 3.4

  • added multiple item selection and actions execution
  • added notification for OK state
  • added darkmode for macOS
  • added option to copy service to clipboard
  • added support for custom CA cert for Sensu/Uchiwa
  • added support for IcingaWeb2 expire time
  • added server encoding detection
  • updated components
  • fixed crash when selecting downtime on down host
  • fixed settings filenames troubles by url-encoding them
  • fixed pyinstaller onefile issues on macOS
  • fixed Kerberos issues on macOS
  • fixed Cinnamon systray/popup issue
  • Centreon fixes
  • Checkmk fixes
  • IcingaWeb2 fixes
  • Monitos4x fixes
  • op5Monitor fixes
  • Sensu fixes

2019-01-07: Version 3.2.1

  • fixed macOS system tray icon crash

2018-12-19: Version 3.2

  • new Zabbix backend
  • added Sensu/Uchiwa changes
  • fixed Opsview/Nagios duration counter
  • fixed Centreon new versions
  • fixed non-closing floating statusbar
  • fixed certain custom notification action bugs
  • fixed certain keyring bugs

2017-09-22: Version 3.0.2

  • brings back previously lost Retina compatibility for macOS users

2017-09-19: Version 3.0.1

  • fixes for Zabbix
  • fixed filters for Op5
  • fixes for update detection and self-signed certificates

2017-09-13: Version 3.0

  • added Kerberos authentification
  • added increased security by taking TLS seriously
  • added window mode
  • added large OK label for fullscreen and window mode
  • added click-somewhere-to-close-statuswindow mode
  • added custom views to Check_MK
  • added monitor type Monitos3
  • added monitor type SNAG-View 3
  • added monitor type Sensu
  • switched to pyinstaller
  • fixes statuswindow garbage when changing mode
  • fixed filename bug
  • fixed check for .Xauthority file
  • fixes for Centreon
  • fixes for Check_MK 1.4.0
  • fixes for Zabbix

2016-10-20: Version 2.0.1

  • Fixed major Centreon bug making it useless
  • Fixed wrong Icinga version check
  • Fixed Thruk login problem
  • Fixed EWMH initialization trouble
  • Fixed Systrayicon left mouse click brought context menu
  • Fixed DBus crashes

2016-8-30: Version 2.0

  • Based on Qt 5 it now comes with a better integrated look-and-feel – especially remarkable on MacOS
  • Partly simplified design
  • Less clutter in setting dialogs
  • Runs even on latest Windows and MacOS
  • Uses QT 5 multimedia which means native sound on Linux and MacOS
  • Uses only SVG graphics – allows changing colors even in systray icon
  • Customizable font and font size
  • Adjust to dark or light desktop theme
  • Action allowing to copy host/service information to clipboard
  • Added ‘Archive Event’ action for Check_MK monitors
  • Additionally supports IcingaWeb2
  • Updated Opsview and Centreon to support latest monitor server versions
  • Experimental support for Livestatus and Zenoss
  • New build script based on cx-Freeze for Windows and MacOS
  • Native 64 bit version for Windows
  • No or less memory leaks, especially in Windows
  • Make sure only one instance per config is running
  • Millions of fixes

2014-09-22: Version 1.0.1

  • added option to disable system keyring storage to prevent crashes
  • reverted default sorting order to “Descending”
  • compiled to run on vintage systems like Windows XP
  • fixed vanishing Nagstamon submenu in Ubuntu Appindicator
  • fixed too narrow fullscreen display

2014-07-28: Version 1.0

  • added custom event notification with custom commands
  • added highlighting of new events
  • added storage of passwords in OS keyring
  • added optional tooltip for full status information
  • added support for applying custom actions to specific monitor only
  • added copy buttons for servers and actions dialogs
  • added stopping notification if event already vanished
  • added support for Op5Monitor 6.3 instead of Ninja
  • added experimental Zabbix support
  • added automatic refreshing after acknowledging
  • added permanent hamburger menu
  • unified layout of dialogs
  • various Check_MK improvements
  • fixed old regression not-staying-on-top-bug
  • fixed Check_MK-Recheck-DOS-bug
  • fixed pop window size calculation on multiple screens
  • fixed following popup window on multiple screens
  • fixed hiding dialogs in MacOSX
  • fixed ugly statusbar font in MacOSX
  • fixed use of changed colors
  • fixed non-ascending default sort order
  • fixed Opsview downtime dialog
  • fixed sometimes not working context menu
  • fixed some GUI glitches
  • fixed password saving bug
  • fixed Centreon language inconsistencies
  • fixed regression Umlaut bug

2013-09-11: Version 0.9.11

  • added Ubuntu AppIndicator support
  • added libnotify desktop notification support
  • added Centreon criticality support
  • fixed broken authentication dialog
  • fixed wrong OK state for Nagios and Icinga
  • fixed Correct-Statusbar-Position-O-Matic
  • fixed some Thruk issues
  • fixed popup resizing artefact
  • fixed some server edit dialog bugs
  • fixed missing auth field in Icinga when credentials are wrong
  • fixed quoting URLs for browser actions

2013-07-11: Verison 0.9.10

  • added fullscreen option
  • added Thruk support
  • added Check_MK cookie-based auth
  • added new Centreon autologin option
  • added configurable default sort order
  • added filter for hosts in hard/soft state for Nagios, Icinga, Opsview and Centreon
  • added $STATUS-INFO$ variable for custom actions
  • added audio alarms also in fullscreen mode
  • improved update interval set in seconds instead minutes
  • improved Icinga JSON support
  • improved Centreon 2.4 xml/broker support
  • improved Nagios 3.4 pagination support
  • improved nicer GTK theme Murrine on MacOSX
  • fixed security bug
  • fixed some memory leaks
  • fixed superfluous passive icon for Check_MK
  • fixed blocking of shutdown/reboot on MacOSX
  • fixed saving converted pre 0.9.9 config immediately
  • fixed statusbar position when offscreen
  • fixed some GUI issues
  • fixed update detection

2012-04-16: Version 0.9.9

  • added custom actions in context menu (see documentation)
  • added reauthentication in case of authenticaton problems
  • added filter for flapping hosts and services
  • added history button for monitors
  • added shortcut to filter settings in popup window
  • improved keyboard usage in acknowledge/downtime/submit dialogs
  • changed configuration file to configuration directory (default: ~/.nagstamon)
  • fixed bug in Icinga acknowledgement
  • fixed bug in Check_MK Multisite sorting
  • fixed some Check_MK Multisite UTF trouble
  • fixed some major GUI bugs

2011-10-25: Version 0.9.8

  • added customizable acknowledge/downtime/submit-result defaults
  • added regexp filter for status information column
  • added option to connect to hosts via its monitor hostname without HTTP overhead
  • added ability to keep status detail popup open despite hovering away
  • added option to change offset between popup window and systray icon to avoid partly hidden popup
  • fixed some popup artefacts
  • fixed various bugs with acknowledgement flags (persistent/sticky/notification), now they are actually working
  • fixed some issues when running on MacOS X

2011-05-30: Version

  • fixed bug 3309166 which broke Centreon support

2011-05-30: Version 0.9.7

  • on some servers now context menu allows submitting check results for hosts and services
  • added filter for services on acknowledged hosts
  • added icons for “passiveonly” and “flapping” hosts and services
  • fix for uneditable text entry fields in settings dialog – bug 3300873
  • fix for not working filter “services on hosts in maintenance” – bug 3299790
  • fix for soft state detection in Centreon – bug 3303861
  • fix for not filtered services which should have been filtered – bug 3308008

2011-05-06: Version

  • fixed bug 3298321 which raised an error if everything was OK on monitor

2011-05-06: Version 0.9.6

  • improved, full Ninja support
  • rewritten filtering mechanism allows new features
  • displaying icons in status overview popup indicating states “acknowledged” and “scheduled downtime”
  • added option to play notification sounds more than once
  • small UI improvements
  • uses BeautifulSoup instead of lxml
  • uses GTK UI Builder instead of glade
  • as always: bugfixes

2011-04-08: Version 0.9.5

  • added op5 Ninja support
  • added Check_MK Multisite support
  • improved Icinga support (compatibility with Icinga 1.3)
  • improved Centreon support (compatible with Centreon 2.1)
  • added sortable columns in status overview
  • added customizable colors
  • better debugging and error messages
  • password has not necessarily to be stored in config file
  • major memory leak closed
  • various bugs fixed

2010-06-15: Version 0.9.4

  • added initial support for Centreon servers (beta)
  • added Nagios 1.x support
  • fixed serious pango crash bug (Debian bug 582977)
  • fixed not-playing-sound bug ( bug 2998035)

2010-04-26: Version 0.9.3

  • added ability to connect to Opsview monitoring servers
  • added “Recheck all” button to recheck all failing hosts and services by one click
  • added ability to toggle notifications by state
  • added HTTP Digest authentication
  • added recognition of customized host IP information (see bug 2967416)
  • increased GUI responsiveness
  • fixed bugs in update interval mechanism
  • fixed minor bugs

2010-02-20: Version 0.9.2

  • fixed serious do-nothing-after-first-install-bug
  • added option to filter services on hosts in maintenance

2010-02-17: Version 0.9.1

  • added possibility to disable/enable Nagios servers
  • added option to acknowledge all services on a faulty host
  • added Nagios server connection status in status popup window
  • fixed bug which caused unchangeable update interval
  • fixed bug in Nagios server list in settings dialog, now a default is selected
  • fixed non-working acknowledgement of down hosts

2010-01-29: Version 0.9.0

  • sound and visual notification
  • regular expression filter
  • obfuscated passwords in config file
  • usable status popup on dualscreens
  • checking for nagstamon updates
  • design improvements
  • a lot of minor fixed bugs

2009-07-15: Version 0.8.2

  • fixed serious memory leak in Windows version caused by buggy lxml library
  • added debug mode which displays status messages on commandline
  • added combobox in status overview popup window to access all Nagios servers even if the have no trouble
  • show large number of Nagios servers with scrollbars instead of stretching dialog window,
  • source includes now working for easier integration into installed python

2009-06-25: Version 0.8.1

  • adds an option to hide services from unreachable hosts
  • fixed gobject error messages caused by defect glade file
  • fixed an address resolving issue when connecting to hosts by DNS name

2009-06-25: Version 0.8.0

  • finally supports multiple Nagios servers
  • added option to show only services in hard state
  • added option to hide services on down hosts

2009-05-08: Version 0.7.0

  • now using threads, which lead to a more responsive UI and better stability in case of poor network connectivity
  • added are the columns “Last Check” and “Attempt” in status overview
  • central configuration file “nagstamon.conf” in the application directory allows to force settings for all users
  • context menu applications can connect remote hosts by IP instead of DNS name.

2008-12-05: Version 0.6.2

  • added the actions “recheck”, “acknowledge” and “downtime” to the host/service context menu which allow to control a failing host/service without using the web interface of Nagios.

2008-11-03: Version 0.6.1

  • added possibility NOT to use the systems default HTTP proxy – this bugfix is apparently most useful in Windows where python uses IE proxy settings as default.

2008-10-08: Version 0.6

  • added possibility to use nagstamon as icon in systray in Windows and Unix
  • allow details popup also on clicking the statusbar, not only on hovering it
  • added icon on statusbar
  • fixed display bug if details popup became too large

2008-09-23: Version 0.5.13

  • fixed incompatibility with Fedora 8 + 9 python-lxml introduced by last Fedora update
  • added check for default location of statusbar depending of desktop environment

2008-09-05: Version 0.5.11

  • fixed bug if popup summary has been wider than screen or smaller than buttons on its top
  • do not show pop up summary when everything is OK
  • omitting showing failed services when host has been acknowledged

2008-09-02: Version 0.5.10

  • fixed problem with passwords containing special characters
  • omitting showing failed services on hosts in scheduled downtime

2008-09-01: Version 0.5.9

  • fixed misplaced status overview popup in GNOME systray mode
  • fixed flickering status overview popup when dragging statusbar

2008-08-29: Version 0.5.8

  • fixed jumping popup
  • added and corrected tooltips in settings dialog
  • added Linux desktop menu entry (xdg)

2008-08-28: Version 0.5.7

  • added access to hosts by DNS name if available, otherwise by IP from Nagios
  • fixed bug when accessing an host by context menu app without parameters the call was malformed and disfunctional

2008-08-27: Version 0.5.6

  • access RDP/SSH/VNC on hosts by IP and not by DNS name because some devices might not be registered in DNS

2008-08-26: Version 0.5.5

  • nagstamon statusbar now can be dragged and freely positioned – makes it work better with Windows and KDE

2008-08-22: Version 0.5.4

  • made nagstamon compatible with HTML output of Nagios < 2.7

2008-08-20: Version 0.5.3

  • added the missing licensing information and better Windows integration

2008-08-15: Version 0.5.2

  • Initial release