Nagstamon 3.4 arrived

Finally a new stable version of Nagstamon is available. Its main changes were almost completely contributed by its community – thank you for all the pull requests!Among the most notable improvements is the new feature of multiple hosts and services selection which makes applying actions on them even faster: The …

Fedora testing repository available

According to Nagstamon for Fedora is still stuck on version 1.0. To allow Fedora users to get updates automatically there is now a small repository available via Get it like: This repository currently is not GPG signed – just before someone is asking.

macOS system tray icon crash fixed

Nagstamon 3.2 has a bug in its macOS version. Clicking the green icon in system tray (which way too seldomly appears) crashes the whole application. See This issue is fixed in the first testing version of this new year. Get it from Edit: This fix now became stable …

Nagstamon 3.2 available

Finally the changes since the last stable have summed up to a new small release – version 3.2. It mostly consists of fixes and enhancements of already existing features, contributed by the community: new Zabbix backend added Sensu/Uchiwa changes fixed Opsview/Nagios duration counter fixed Centreon new versions fixed non-closing floating …

Fedora 29 + Nagstamon

If anybody using Fedora also has problems when upgrading to 29 this trouble might be resolved with the testing version of Nagstamon: If Fedora would update its Nagstamon package from 1.0 (which does not run anymore) to the current version this problem would not exist. See for details.