Icinga problem solved with Nagstamon testing release 3.5-20200731

According to https://community.icinga.com/t/icinga2-2-11-4-1-nagstamon-getting-typeerror-with-new-host-objects/4761 the Icinga version causes trouble for Nagstamon. This is solved in the latest testing release of Nagstamon available at https://nagstamon.ifw-dresden.de/download/#testing.

Testing release 3.5-20200615 comes with experimental Prometheus support

Thanks to the efforts of the community the latest testing release of Nagstamon comes with experimental support for Prometheus monitoring. This is a great addition, being another monitoring solution outside the Nagios derivative universe. Thanks! Get it as always at https://nagstamon.ifw-dresden.de/download/#testing. In case of any spotted issues please use the …

Nagstamon 3.4 arrived

Finally a new stable version of Nagstamon is available. Its main changes were almost completely contributed by its community – thank you for all the pull requests!Among the most notable improvements is the new feature of multiple hosts and services selection which makes applying actions on them even faster: The …

Fedora testing repository available

According to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1466709 Nagstamon for Fedora is still stuck on version 1.0. To allow Fedora users to get updates automatically there is now a small repository available via https://nagstamon.ifw-dresden.de/files/repo/fedora/nagstamon-testing.repo. Get it like: This repository currently is not GPG signed – just before someone is asking.