Nagstamon is a Nagios status monitor for the desktop. It connects to multiple Nagios, Icinga, Opsview, Centreon, Op5 Monitor/Ninja, Check_MK Multisite and Thruk monitoring servers and resides in systray or as a floating statusbar at the desktop showing a brief summary of critical, warning, unknown, unreachable and down hosts and services and pops up a detailed status overview when moving the mouse pointer over it. Connecting to displayed hosts and services is easily established by context menu via SSH, RDP and VNC or any self defined actions. Users can be notified by sound. Hosts and services can be filtered by category and regular expressions.

It is inspired by Nagios Checker for Firefox - just without an open Firefox window all the time to monitor the network.

Nagstamon is released under the GPLv2 and free to use and modify.

Nagstamon is written in Python so it is highly portable. It has been tested successfully on Ubuntu 8.04 - 13.10, Debian 5.0 - 7.0, Fedora 8 - 19, OpenSUSE 11.x, Windows 2000 + XP + XP 64bit + Vista + Windows 7 + 8 + Windows 2008 Server, OpenSolaris 2009.06, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and MacOS X.
It works with GNOME, KDE, Windows and MacOS X desktop.

Successfully tested monitor versions include:

  • Nagios 1.x, 2.x, 3.x and 4.x
  • Icinga 1.2+
  • Opsview 3.5+
  • Centreon 2.1.x
  • Op5 Monitor 6.3+
  • Check_MK/Multisite 1.1.10+
  • Thruk 1.5.0+
  • Zabbix 2.2 (experimental!)

Attention: If you use any version prior to 0.9.10 please upgrade immediately or disable automatic check for updates. This latest version fixes a major security bug. See details

Last Changes

2014-09-22: Version 1.0.1

Get your copy at download section.           

  • added option to disable system keyring storage to prevent crashes
  • reverted default sorting order to "Descending"
  • compiled to run on vintage systems like Windows XP
  • fixed vanishing Nagstamon submenu in Ubuntu Appindicator
  • fixed too narrow fullscreen display

2014-07-28: Version 1.0

Get your copy at download section.        

  • added custom event notification with custom commands
  • added highlighting of new events
  • added storage of passwords in OS keyring
  • added optional tooltip for full status information
  • added support for applying custom actions to specific monitor only
  • added copy buttons for servers and actions dialogs
  • added stopping notification if event already vanished
  • added support for Op5Monitor 6.3 instead of Ninja
  • added experimental Zabbix support
  • added automatic refreshing after acknowledging
  • added permanent hamburger menu
  • unified layout of dialogs
  • various Check_MK improvements
  • fixed old regression not-staying-on-top-bug
  • fixed Check_MK-Recheck-DOS-bug
  • fixed pop window size calculation on multiple screens
  • fixed following popup window on multiple screens
  • fixed hiding dialogs in MacOSX
  • fixed ugly statusbar font in MacOSX
  • fixed use of changed colors
  • fixed non-ascending default sort order
  • fixed Opsview downtime dialog
  • fixed sometimes not working context menu
  • fixed some GUI glitches
  • fixed password saving bug
  • fixed Centreon language inconsistencies
  • fixed regression Umlaut bug

Unstable development version Nagstamon 2.0:

Get unstable Windows and Mac OSX binaries at https://nagstamon.ifw-dresden.de/files-nagstamon/unstable.

Source code is available at https://github.com/HenriWahl/Nagstamon.

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August 25th 2016
Centreon fixes, Icinga fixes, IcingaWeb2 fixes and several GUI fixes...
July 29th 2016
Fixed last IcingaWeb2 fix
July 27th 2016
Avoid dialog chaos at first start, rearranged and colorized server status label, fixed IcingaWeb2 cookieless basic auth
July 7th 2016
Fixed moving statusbar on refresh, reorganized server options, small fixes
June 1st 2016
Opsview mostly working again, timeout values for servers customizable, archive event action for Check_MK Events, GUI fixes
May 30th 2016
Fixed regression dialog bug
May 27th 2016
More Centreon fixes, flat buttons, about dialog added
May 24th 2016
Centreon mostly works, runs on Debian Sid, fixed Zabbix notification bug
May 13th 2016
Next attempt to fix vanishing statusbar in Windows, fixes for Op5 Icinga2Web2 Thruk
May 12th 2016
Apparently successful attempt to fix vanishing statusbar in Windows